This series called “Vacationland” came about as I started dealing with the sudden change of the political climate in the U.S., feeling the ennui and isolation that sometimes occurs when we are trying very hard to connect with a lover or close friend (or in this case the country I grew up in), but instead find ourselves disconnected from even ourselves in a strange environment; hotel room, swimming pool, historic site, places that are transitory and maybe seedy or creepy.
I am exploring these moments of schism from the vantage point of a third person looking down, as if we are the camera hidden in the ceiling or a palm tree; the environments disintegrating at the edges to accentuate sensations of displacement and anxiety.

In the “Don’t Tread On Me” paintings we are stopped, planted to the road. These paintings were done post-election in reaction to my fear of where we might be headed under a Donald Trump presidency. A play on words, using the slogan from the early days of the American Revolution.​